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About Financial Doctor

We take pride in our work providing you with total customized plans to your needs. By educating people on the product they already have or don’t have and how we can make it better. Our main objective is to make an impact in lives of others by giving back to families & individuals.

Our insurance partners are among the largest and most stable insurance companies in Canada.

At Financial doctor we are continuously working to provide the individual coverage you require.

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Our Values


We care about our policyholders, our distributors, our employees and our communities. We make every effort to do the right thing for each of our constituents.

Community Focused

We believe that our success obligates us to give back to our communities. Canada Protection Plan is a generous contributor and involved with many charitable causes.


All Canada Protection Plan policies are underwritten by financially sound Canadian Life Insurance Companies and protected by Assuris.


Our rates are very competitive and often lower when compared to similar plans and benefits.


We always aim to offer competitive product options, features and rates.


We always aim to offer competitive product options, features and rates.

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What We Offer

General Insurance Policies

Even families with health insurance are quite vulnerable to a severe economic reversal if someone gets sick.

Premium Customer Service

We provide the best premium customer service in canada and our team are always ready to answer your enquirers

Low Rates & Best Quality

Financial Doctor provide the best insurance policy at affordable rates add-on’s for your lifestyle

Our Connections

We are independent brokers and we deal with all the major insurance companies in Canada.


Find a insurance policy that fits your needs and also get a insurance policy to keep your investments away from risks

Customized Plans

We have a customize plans for different types of insurance policies.

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